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Sending Payments

Business to multiple payees

Businesses can pay an unlimited number of payees, globally in over 190 countries…free and with zero chargebacks. You can upload a .csv file to the GigPay dashboard or integrate your back-office systems via our API’s, and get full reports on the ledger. All payments are made in US Dollars, and payees can offramp in any currency they want, whenever they want.

Person-to-Person (“P2P”)

When you get paid your royalties, commissions, gig worker earnings, influencer rewards, etc you can then easily…with a click of the “Send Money” button in your GigPay wallet…send money to your partners, bandmates, sales reps, bartender, marketing team, and other people.

USD vs Global Currencies

There are over 125 currencies around the world, and GigPay supports all of them. You’ll send US Dollars to your payees, and those are kept in an FDIC-insured bank until the payee decides to offramp some or all of it into their local currency; which we handle automatically.

Free? Really?

Yes! GigPay is free for payors. No cost to sign up, no cost to send or receive a payment. There are, of course, standard processing for people to offramp cash via wire, ACH, cash pickup, IBAN, etc, and the usual FX fees when off-ramped into various currencies for global payments.

What ledger records do I get? Can I download a file for my accounting system?

You can download an .xls file of all payments made to your payees. This enabled easy importing into QuickBooks, NetSuite and other accounting systems.

Receiving Payments

How do I receive a payment?

Incredibly easy! You’ll get a link via email or text letting you know that “business name” has sent you a $<amount> payment. Simply click on the link to see it in your GigPay wallet. Done…it’s there, safe in US Dollars held in an FDIC-insured bank. You can then “offramp” as much or as little as you want via a wide range of bank transfer, push-to-card, cash pickup, and other tools, in any currency you want.

US Dollars? What about other currencies?

All payments are made in US Dollars and held in an FDIC-insured bank. Payees can then “offramp” them into their local currency anywhere in the world (well, anywhere so long as not a sanctioned country).

Can I transfer funds to my bank?

Yes, you can wire, ACH, SEPA, PIX, or any other global bank-transfer mechanism to move funds to your bank. If outside of the USA then the US Dollars will be converted to local currency for the deposit to your bank account.

How can I get real (physical) cash?

GigPay integrates into numerous cash-pickup locations around the world. These include ATM’s and major retailers such as OXXO. Use the Get Cash button to initiate the process. Note that this is an ongoing, never-ending work in progress for the team at GigPay and we’re constantly adding new “rails” to let people offramp at cash pickup locations.

What’s an “offramp”?

That is just a term describing how people get money moved from their GigPay wallet into their bank, cash pickup location, debit card, eWallet, and other places. We’re always working on adding additional offramps in countries all over the world.

Can I share my money with other people?

Yes, of course, it’s your money after all! When you get paid your royalties, commissions, gig worker earnings, influencer rewards, etc you can then easily…with a click of the “Send Money” button in your GigPay wallet…send money to your partners, bandmates, sales reps, bartender, marketing team, or other people.

Can individuals sign up to send payments, or just businesses?

Individuals can, after receiving a payment from a business, use the “Send Money” button to send a payment to partners, bandmates, sales reps, and other people. Easy. However, only businesses can originate payments into the GigPay system, which ensures integrity for KYC, AML, “travel rule” and other purposes.


Does GigPay have API’s?

Yes, we have RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) that enable sophisticated, direct-integrations into our system to originate payments and obtain ledgers and reports. Click here to see our API doc's.

Who can write into GigPay API’s?

Any approved business-originator can write into our API’s. For more information, click here to contact our team.


How do I get help?

Reach out to our customer service team anytime. We have dedicated personnel for our business (payment originator) customers, and a fantastic team for our wallet users to support payees globally. Click here for our contact info.

Are your customer service people real, or just a bunch of AI bots?

We’re glad you asked! Our customer service team is comprised of real people. And while we do use some AI to help them do their jobs (e.g. with language translation tech), you’ll be talking to people and not autobot’s.

Who do I contact in business development with more questions?

Reach out to the team by clicking this link!


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GigPay provides an easy-to-use plug and play payment process that eliminates the expense and headaches of antiquated payment systems.

Reduce expenses, lower stress, and have rich data ledgers. Payees get paid directly with zero friction and can decide how and where to hold their money with easy “offramps” to cash whenever desired.


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